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Who we are...

As a pioneer in mobile payment solutions, with the first registration-free SMS parking payment solution in the world, Infoart has been helping its customers to transform efficiency, performance and competitive edge into a digital world.

Infoart is the leading provider of a multichannel payment platform in the area of parking, e-mobility, ticketing and public transport. Together with its technology and process partners, Infoart has established an interactive ecosystem for the delivery and payment of various electronic goods and services through diverse sales channels.

With more than 28 years in the market, Infoart has been producing premium software solutions including financial, retail and other management systems for municipalities, parking operators, large retailers, automotive industry and other enterprise organizations.

What we do

Mobile payment

Mobile payment solutions for parking (on and off street), e-mobility and public transport

Multichannel payment

Multichannel payment and integration platform


ERP, Retail and HR systems and integration with parking payment services


Consulting, software development and managed IT services

How we do it...

We have made these ideas happen. Let's make ideas happen together.

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